Donkey Kong Country – SNES

Way back when, I used to have a fairly extensive video game collection.  Time passed and life problems came up, so I’ve sold it, and recreated parts of it, and the sold those parts, over and over again.

I’m in a bit more of a stable situation right now (fingers crossed) – so I picked up an AV cable and a copy of Donkey Kong Country for my Super Nintendo.  Thankfully, it worked first try (my NES is a little more worn down, and could probably use a good cleaning).  Hard game, but not as insane as I remembered when I was a kid.  Got 101% on it in a weekend.  The soundtrack for it still holds up.  I was 9 when it came out, and it still sounds amazing.  The graphics are perfectly fine – the gameplay is good.  No real plot, but any time you got a plot in a platformer back then it was something unexpected.

It’s….I don’t know.  I like the curling up on a couch and playing games part of gaming.  The PC is fun.  I have great stuff on here, but there’s just something….nice…about kicking back.

Debating if I want an NES or SNES game next.  If I go SNES, maybe Lost Vikings or Blackthorne?  NES…well, there’s a fair amount of titles there I need to nab from the last time my collected got liquidated.


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