MARPRO – Stuff on Factions

Doing something with MARPRO here, though mostly just spitballing right now.

So – I mentioned a while back that different varieties of magic were going to be prevalent in the setting.  The human variety of magic (still need a good name for it) is going to be the one most easily repeatable and verifiable – I have this image of magic being treated like another science, with colleges and scholarly journals and peer review and such.  This gives a couple of cool possibilities – entire branches of magic can either be heavily licensed and regulated or made illegal in general (say…necromancy maybe, and dimensional magic, that sort of thing).  It can also let some mages be essentially mad scientists – holding the secrets they discovered close to their chests.

I’m thinking…maybe as a natural extension of the higher education and the whole messing-with-the-fabric-of-reality stuff, the government of the city is composed of mages.  I’m thinking a sort of oligarchy – the head of each school, and then one Grand High Poombah who is in charge of the lot.

Relatedly, I want there to be a militant-anti-mage faction.  Faction may be a strong word – a group of people who own a bar, led by a guy whose kid got killed in a lab experiment.  I want there to be at least a little hypocrisy there too – the guy, let’s call him Robert for now, has effectively adopted one of the members of his group.  She’s a Farseer (mage specializing in auras and other sight based stuff), and he uses her to spot weaknesses in mages that he and his group go after.  As long as he’s going after rogue mages that are dangerous to the city, the oligarchy turns a blind eye, but he has higher aspirations.

I like this – I feel like I can do something with this set up.  I’ll flesh them out more tomorrow.


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