MARPRO – An Intro To Politics of Magic

I had talked before how the politics of the city would be revolving around magic users.  Here’s it fleshed out a bit more.

The face of politics of the city, as well as its most powerful magic user, is Empress Kiana.  She has been ruling the city for as long as anyone can remember, and still looks to be a mere 35.  However, she insists that keeping the universe from unraveling takes all her time, and has created a Premier position to deal with the day to day issues of the city.

There are eight recognized colleges of magic (college in this case is more like a scientific discipline rather than a formalized university).  Four for the traditional Greek elements, and four dealing with the inner hearts of man – light, dark, mind, and soul.  There are other branches of Human magic out there, but they have not been as thoroughly explored, and some are so dangerous they require specific licensing to be allowed to perform (necromancy, gate magic, any rumors of time magic are of the most disreputable nature).

Every eight years, the colleges of magic hold a trial to determine who will take the seat of power.  Open magical warfare is strictly forbidden, and enforced by Kiana.  More subtle forms of eliminating competitors is considered part and parcel of the overall election.

The city bets heavily on the outcome of the Premier Trial.  Right now Craggy LaNull, the Hydromancer, is on the seventh year of his term.


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