Gaming Hiatus

So, the gaming group is on a hiatus for an undetermined amount of time.  Nothing alarming or anything – GM wanting to spend more time with his family, and then Nanowrimo (a facet of playing with a bunch of writers – November gets used by Nano), then the holidays.  I imagine we’ll start playing again in January.

In an oddly confrontational mood today – I’m going to blame it on sleep debt.  And because I’m a mature person, rather than trolling people online, I’m gonna be on here talking about gaming stuff.  No real motivation at the moment (like I said, I’ve got a sleep debt going on – more tired than words), but hey, putting forth something is a goal.

So.  Kind of rambling.  GURPS has been my preferred system for gaming for a long while now – the…way it can be applied to almost any situation appeals to me.  That said, there are some issues with it.  The forum community tends to be overly analytical.  The…wealth of books in this edition is useful, but they are geared towards crunch rather than flavor.  Which makes sense – the community likes the crunch.  But you run into an issue where you may need half a dozen books just to deal with, I don’t know, hiking rules.  Too much crunch.

Ah well.  I still enjoy it.  Anyway – games I may want to run should gaming come back on in the new year as expected.

Infinite Worlds – GURPS “main” setting.  Kind of like Sliders with a special agent vibe to it.  Been wanting to play this since my ill-fated trip to California.

Dungeon Fantasy – GURPS’ take on D&D.  Done it before.  Gave Ashes a panic attack last time.

Dark Sun – D&D 4th Edition.  I’d need to get a lot of books for this.  And convince people to play it – 4th Edition is not appreciated by at least one member of the gaming group.

Miskatonic University – Call of Cthulhu.  Having the players act as students gives a natural way for them to study lost tomes and such, and it’s easy to say “A few weeks pass, you take your exams, and then in Anatomy Class X happens”.

Anyway.  I need to step away from the computer stuff for a sec.  I’ll do something tomorrow.


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