Enhanced Wrestling Stats

So, last year while I was on lockdown cause of the pandemic, I came up with a rating system for how wrestlers were presented on AEW. At first I was just logging their values on a spreadsheet, but calculating them ended up being a massively time consuming task, where a mistake would have a big ripple effect. I’m not going into the details for how it works, so at the most basic – more wins means a higher rating. So I made a program to read the spreadsheet, and spit out the results.

It seriously calms me looking at this. One of these days I’ll have to get checked out by a shrink and figure out just what is the exact term for whatever is wrong with me. Anyway, I got to about 750 sheets in the excel file and it started being a huge chore to make sure everything was put in right, so around AEW Revolution I stopped updating it.

I kinda want to start again, but I’m very aware of how….much there is to do. So I’m going to do more on the programming end, where I’ll put in the match data in a GUI, and it’ll update the spreadsheet.

With the work I’ve done on the previous program, I can *probably* get it squared away in a day, definitely a weekend. Unfortunately, I’m in the very busy part of the year for my job so I’m not really thinking I’ll have that much spare time for a bit. Fortunately, I’ll be starting a new job in a few weeks. So by September 6th, I’m thinking I’ll have the program built.

I’ll have more on what I want the program to do later, maybe tomorrow, and will go into what’s going to make this such a lengthy endeavor. But fuck it, I’m a badass with undiagnosed ADHD. I can do anything.

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